Paintings 3
ALL paintings are acrylic on canvas. Larger sizes. Varied prices.  AUD (includes postage worldwide) Local pickup discounted AUD$30.00 for postage savings.
SUNGOLD FESTIVAL 74cm x 100cm $150.00
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LEO’S DREAM 95cm x 87cm $140.00
WALK IN THE PARK 87cm x 94cm $140.00
GALAXY 75cm x 99cm $140.00
OTHER WORLDLY 81cm x 73cm $130.00
FLORAL GRANDSTAND 98cm x 73cm $140.00
CANDY STORE 100cm x 63cm $130.00
OFF TO TEXAS 100cm x 74cm $140.00
FLASHBACK 88cm x 94cm $140.00
ROSEMARY’S GARDEN 75cm x 99cm $135.00
RAINING GUITARS 94cm x 84cm $140.00
UNKNOWN BEACH 99cm x 72cm $140.00
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