Pete Murr - born in Springsure, Queensland, Australia, moved with family to the Gold Coast at 9 years of age. Landing right on the beach front, he became a keen surfer as well as skateboarder in the thriving local scenes.  Also influenced by his classical piano playing mother, he developed an ear for music and at 12 changed from piano to guitar as a prefered instrument. Having an 8 year older brother gave him access to records such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Petes Dad also enjoyed playing the Wurlitzer organ in the house along with listening to Herb Albert and The Tijuana Brass, crooners like Andy Williams and Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Pete began playing in bands at 14 and was joining rock covers bands to hone his skills. He found an opportunity to become a session guitar player at ‘Immanuel Sounds’ Studio where voice over work and jingle writing flourished. His moment of pride occurred when he met Tony Meehan from The Shadows. Three jingles were written with Tony of which one sold and become the first airplay advertisement for Kirra Surf, one of the biggest surfwear, boards and accessories stores on the Gold Coast. Pete’s instrumentals have been used as backing music to a surfing segment on the TV show ‘Creek To Coast’ (a fishing and surf report program), and Gold Coast Promotional Videos. Pete found employment in various areas but gravitated towards his artistic side learning to screenprint and develop Graphic Art skills. He started his own small screenprinting business ‘Murr Made Screenprining’, catering for one of jobs and printing for selected clients such as ‘The Record Exchange’, ‘Body and Soul’, ‘Manifest Designer Clothing’, and ‘Gold Coast Junior Baseball’. Also busy in local bands he learned the ropes and was pleased to be part of the band ‘Frames’ which supported ‘Brian Mannix and The Uncanny Xmen’ at Bombay Rock in Surfers Paradise. He played in bands up until 30 years of age and tired of the covers scene, stepping out to develop his own music and style. This lead to moving to Brisbane, where he built a top shelf project Home Recording Studio called ‘Riffhangar Creations’(24 digital in and out with Creamware Pulsar II card and Mackie Desk), learning to edit and work in the analog and rising digital age. Pete went on to co-write with celebrity musicians such as Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake), Thorsten Koehne (Edens Curse), Tore Moren (Jorn), Jeffery Marshall (Teacher at Musicians Institute USA), Sven Stichter, Jonas Tamas, Matthew Petropoulos, and Jay Rusnak. He also became a part time reviewer for heavy metal reviews. Microsoft used one of his songs in a Windows promotion 2010 and Peter signed a Publishing Deal with Music Of The Sea. These days he is busy with his solo material and collaborations with chosen artists. Check out Limelight Lemurs (Pete Murr and Wolfgang Leng)
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